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Device Return Option (DRO) - How It Works
Pay lower monthly payments for your device when activating on an eligible 2-year plans with Bell SmartPay & trade;. At the end of your 2-year term, you can either return your phone in good working condition and upgrade to a new device or, if you wish, keep your existing device and pay back the Device Return Option Deferred Amount. Full Device Return Option (DRO) details can be found here.

Smart/Phone Care with the Device Return Option
When Smart/Phone Care is paired with the Device Return Option, you get additional peace of mind if your device gets damaged. At the end of your term, you can return your device in any physical condition. Learn more about the benefits of the Device Return Option plus Smart/Phone Care. Learn more about the benefits of the Device Return Option plus Smart/Phone Care here.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro 256GB (Pacific Blue) With Device Return (DRO)

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iPhone 12Pro

Published on Apr 13, 2021 by
I love this new phone , sleek design , and of course Apples warranty and support

iPhone 12 Pro

Published on Dec 8, 2020 by
Love my new phone, colour is awesome and the feel is great.

Device Upgrade Review

Published on Nov 3, 2020 by
My experience upgrading my device with Baka Bell was seamless. Anyone I spoke to were extremely helpful. Ordering online was also a breeze. My only complaint is that my preordered iPhone 12 pro wasn't available for release date.