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Sixnet BT-5830v2 Wireless Rugged Modem

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About The Sixnet BT-5830v2 Wireless Rugged Modem

The Sixnet 5830 modem is as rugged as it is functional. It provides accurate location-based positioning information, and its remote device management reduces onsite visits, making it your ideal turnkey fleet management solution.  The BT-5830 also includes Wi-Fi option, which allows use to create a secure mobile hotspot.


This wireless modem improves mobile efficiency and safety.

·         stay connected even when you are away from your vehicle, and

·         connect equipment without wires

Embedded GPS:

o        The embedded GPS makes this wireless modem ideal for deployment in Public Safety and First Responders applications, as well as in fleet management, to track the geographic location of vehicles, better manage assets and increase safety of personnel.

Wi-Fi ready for multiple users;

The Wi-Fi on the BT-5830v2 can support multiple users. Through Wi-Fi the modem uploads and downloads the data over the cellular network to the internet and offers connectivity to other devices like smartphones and tablets during in transit in trains, buses and taxis

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