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Xqisit 4.8A Quad-USB Travel Hub (White)

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About The Xqisit 4.8A Quad-USB Travel Hub (White)

The "Xqisit" 4.8A Quad-USB Travel Hub is a compact, universal charging solution for your devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)! Key features include collapsible prongs, four USB ports capable of supplying power outputs ranging from 1 (x3) to 2.4 amps (x1) which can be used to charge up to four devices simultaneously.

Feature Highlights:

  • Charges up to four devices simultaneously.
  • Four USB ports with power output ranging from 1 amp (x3) to 2.4 amps (x1) - charging cables sold separately.
  • Collapsible prongs for transporting.

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