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Basic Phone Plans

Voice plans (without data) that are perfect for single users.

Basic Phone Plans

Basic Phone 40

This plan is restricted to voice usage and does not provide hardware discounts typically associated with having "voice and data" features "Premium", etc.). Any on-device data usage is charged on a flexible "pay-per-use" (tiered) basis.

Monthly Rate $40.00/month*
Included Minutes Unlimited Canada Calling
Additional Rates
Additional Minutes$0.00 per minute
Long Distance CAN to CAN$0.00 per minute
Long Distance CAN to US$0.50 per minute
Standard Features
Message Centre (Voice Mail) Included
Unlimited Text, Picture And Video Messages Included
Call Waiting Included
Conference Calling Included
Call Display Included
System Access Fee Waived
e911 Emergency Fee Waived
Activation Fee $35.00 paid once

*Included or discounted features may vary depending on selected device and term

Choice Features
Choose From
"Pay-Per-Use" Flexible Data Feature for Free
-- or --
BlackBerry 10 "Pay-Per-Use" Flexible Data Feature for Free
-- or --
No Data For BlackBerry Devices (Legacy Only - Excludes BB10 Devices) for Free
-- or --
Data Block $2.50 per month

Only compatible with Smartphones, BlackBerrys, Cell Phones & Voice Only and iPhones

* Billable fees of System Access Fee, e911, long distance, additional minutes, and applicable taxes will be added to the monthly rate as detailed in the standard features section.