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Data Only Plans

Plans for Air Cards and Modems

Data Only Plans

Turbo Stick, Turbo Hub, Tablet Data Plans

This mobile data plan covers Tablet, Turbostick and Turbo Hub devices, providing data features that fit most usage needs. The data choice will determine the recurring monthly charge for your Bell invoice.

Monthly Rate $0.00/month*
Included Minutes No Included Minutes (Pay-Per-Use Charges Apply)
Additional Rates
Standard Features
System Access Fee Waived
e911 Emergency Fee Waived
Activation Fee $15.00 paid once

*Included or discounted features may vary depending on selected device and term

Choice Features
Choose From
-- or --
Turbo Hub Internet Flex $10.00 per month
-- or --
Turbo Hub Flex With Unlimited Local & Canadian Long Distance Calling $60.00 per month
-- or --
Mobile Internet Flex $10.00 per month
-- or --
Tablet Flex 30-Day (SIM Only) $5.00 per month

Only compatible with Mobile Routers & Aircards, Tablets and Turbo Hubs

* Billable fees of System Access Fee, e911, long distance, additional minutes, and applicable taxes will be added to the monthly rate as detailed in the standard features section.