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Push to Talk (PTT) Plans

Push to Talk (PTT) Plans

Push to Talk Canadian 35

This $35 plan offers unlimited Canadian "Push to Talk" (PTT) service. Regular wireless incoming and outgoing voice calls are blocked by default (can be removed by request).

Monthly Rate $35.00/month*
Included Minutes Blocked by default
Additional Rates
Additional Minutes$0.75 per minute
Long Distance CAN to CAN$0.60 per minute
Long Distance CAN to US$1.45 per minute
Standard Features
Unlimited Canada-Wide SMS Included
Incoming & Outgoing Calls - Blocked Included
Unlimited Canadian "Push to Talk" (PTT) Included
System Access Fee Waived
e911 Emergency Fee Waived
Activation Fee $35.00 paid once

*Included or discounted features may vary depending on selected device and term

Only compatible with Smartphones, BlackBerrys, Cell Phones & Voice Only and iPhones

* Billable fees of System Access Fee, e911, long distance, additional minutes, and applicable taxes will be added to the monthly rate as detailed in the standard features section.