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  • "Basic" SmartPay 35 (Unlimited Voice And Text)

  • SmartPay
  • This “Basic” Plan includes unlimited Canadian Calling and Text Messaging. Bell SmartPay provides the ability to pay for your device in 24 equal recurring monthly payments. Plus applicable regional taxes.

    *This plan is only available for new subscribers*
  • Starting At $35.00
  • Included Minutes Unlimited Canada Calling
  • Included Domestic Data 0 GB
  • Additional Rates

  • Unlimited Canada Calling
  • Long Distance CAN to US 0.65 per minute
  • 0 GB
  • Extra Local Data rates vary
  • US Data 6.00 per MB
  • International Data rates vary
  • What's Included +

  • Fees

  • Choice Features

* Billable fees of e911, long distance, additional minutes, and applicable taxes will be added to the monthly rate as detailed in the standard features section.