Refurbished Device FAQ and Support:

Who is Orchard?

Orchard is Canada's #1 reseller of high-quality used smartphones. They've earned a reputation for great quality devices because every device they sell has gone through a 30-point test by two separate technicians.

Does Orchard Use OEM Parts For Repairs?


Apple and their authorized service partners are the only companies in the world that can source genuine Apple OEM parts. Instead, Orchard uses third-party parts that are rigorously tested and that they trust. This means that a device repaired at Orchard could have non-OEM parts.

Are Orchard Devices Water-Resistant?

No, used devices should not be treated as water-resistant.

Although more recent versions of the Apple and Samsung devices are sold as water-resistant, the seals that make up a device's water resistance erode with normal wear and tear. That is why Apple and Samsung don’t cover water damage under their limited warranties. You can read more about water resistance (and why it’s not included in their limited warranties) at the Apple and Samsung websites.

While Orchard does test devices thoroughly, they cannot verify whether these water resistant seals have eroded over time, or whether the device has been opened for repairs (which removes water resistance altogether). As a result, water damage is not covered under Orchard’s 90-day warranty.

How Does Orchard Stock Their Inventory?

Orchard’s inventory comes from people who sell their devices to Orchard through their dedicated app. The Orchard app ensures that a device is fully functional through a rigorous testing process. They also work with wholesale partners and obtain devices through our corporate buyback program.

Once a device arrives at Orchard's office, it goes through another two rounds of in-hand quality testing. Orchard only sell devices that pass all their tests, so that buyers know they are buying a fully functional device.

Are These Devices Unlocked?

Some of Orchard's devices are factory unlocked, and some have been unlocked by their carriers. This is not a difference that will affect you at all as a buyer. A device unlocked by a carrier and a factory unlocked device are virtually identical, the only difference is how they became unlocked.

Can I Use An Unlocked device Internationally?

Yes. An unlocked device will work with any GSM-compatible carrier. GSM carriers make up about 93% of all wireless carriers worldwide, so you shouldn’t have trouble locating one in any country.

When you take an unlocked device to a different country, we recommend buying a SIM card for a local carrier. Activating your device on a pay-as-you-go plan will allow you to pay local rates and avoid your home carrier’s roaming rates.

Please note: in some cases, you may only be able to receive 3G data when in a foreign country. 3G is a bit older than the most recent wireless network technologies and so is slower too. LTE, which is the current standard, isn’t available everywhere.

Orchard’s 90-Day Warranty

All Orchard devices are protected by a 90-day warranty that starts based on your invoice date. Please contact Baka directly should you have any issues.

What does the device condition mean?

Every device that Orchard sells is thoroughly tested and guaranteed to be in perfect working condition. However, some used devices look a bit newer than others.

This is why Orchard rates each device as either Like-New, Very Good, or Good to refer to the cosmetic appearance. Here’s what each of those ratings means: