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Apple iPhone 11 64 Go (Noir)

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Le prix le plus bas annoncé inclut les aspects promotionnels. Taxes en sus et sont basés sur l’appareil plein prix après réduction, financé sur le terme 24 mois.

Renseignements d’admissibilité

Taxes en sus et sont basés sur l’appareil plein prix après réduction.

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Boîte comprend :

  • Appareil.
  • Câble USB-C vers Lightning.
  • Documentation.
*Veuillez noter que le contenu de la boîte peut être modifié sans préavis à la discrétion du fabricant.

Support OEM:

  • Garantie limitée de 1 an couverte par Apple.
  • Soutien en ligne disponible à Soutien Apple
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Happy Customer

Publié le Jan 2, 2023 par
I have been a customer with Baka many years and I am very happy with this company. Each customer representative is knowledgeable of thee produce are attentive to what I am looking for and are patient. They are thorough and give me my options. I am and always happy with my products. Thank you Baka for in servicing your staff which they are all confident in the plans and product and really made me a happy referring customer

Great Service, Fast Shipping!

Publié le Jul 25, 2022 par
Order arrived in no time. Customer service was excellent.

Awesome service!

Publié le Jun 13, 2022 par
I am so very impressed with the service I received from Baka. I chose a plan and when I had questions, all I had to do is call and a service rep. would answer quickly. I am so satisfied. Moreover, another service rep called the next day (I wish I had her name) to inform me that I qualified for an even better plan. I have never seen this kind of high level service.... They are great!!

New iphone

Publié le Jun 7, 2022 par
Dealt with John Taghavy who is amazing. Being a senior on limited resources, He always gets us the best deals. John is very pleasant and professional! We love our new iPhones. Keep up the great work Baka!

Versatile Mobile Phone

Publié le Nov 23, 2021 par
This mobile phone has an excellent sized screen that makes viewing of movies on apps easy on the eyes. Operation of this cell phone is quite smoothe. It reacts quickly. The larger screen allows this mobile phone to especially accommodate any user.

iPhone 11

Publié le Sep 30, 2021 par
Enjoying my new phone. Great fast service from Baka.

Very knowledgeable and responsive service

Publié le Sep 9, 2021 par
All of my questions were answered no matter how technical they were. And my (sometimes numerous) calls were answered immediately. In the end I got what I needed and highly recommend Baka's services and products.

I liked it so much, I bought another

Publié le Aug 27, 2021 par
John was so patient and nice when I upgraded my older son's phone a few weeks ago, taking time to tell me about special offers Baka has available currently. So today I ported over so my younger son can get a new phone with the special offer too. Next week one son starts university, and the other starts high school, so they're all device decked out & ready to go!

Exceptional Service

Publié le Aug 11, 2021 par
The service was amazing, they provide you with the best deals and the best plans for our needs. Received my phone right away.

iPhone 11

Publié le May 27, 2021 par
This process was so easy and quick to order a new phone a set up a new plan with Bell. Whenever I had a question there was always someone available online to help me out. I am loving my new phone and plan and so happy I did the switch.

Slick and Fast

Publié le May 17, 2021 par
Its an Iphone, My wife absolutely loves it. Takes great pictures, quick and easy to learn. Great product. I came very quickly after ordering it. Great company to deal with.

Great Experience

Publié le Apr 28, 2021 par
I switched over from a different phone company who I always bought devices through- this was By-far a better deal. The phone came within a day- much quicker than anticipated. Transfer of data from my old phone to new was painless. I used Baka online chat to figure out how to insert the SIM card- the tech was very helpful.

iPhone 11

Publié le Apr 19, 2021 par
Love the iPhone 11 and the service I received from Baka. The phone arrived within a day.

Great product

Publié le Apr 13, 2021 par
I’d had an iPhone6s for the longest time and wouldn’t have changed it if not for the inability to update. The 11 is perfect: not top-of-the-line, but just right for my simple needs.


Publié le Apr 13, 2021 par
Great phone. Quick delivery

Great fun phone

Publié le Apr 8, 2021 par
Arrived fast, was super easy to set up. It pretty much did everything itself. Baka rep was absolutely great on the phone. They answered all my questions, even the dumb ones and were very patient.

Upgrade to iPhone 11

Publié le Apr 6, 2021 par
I upgraded from an iPhone 3 to an iPhone 11. My phone amazingly arrived the next day! With Baka’s customer service rep who was extremely patient and guided me through the setup. I was unable to transfer my photos and contacts. I am thrilled with my new phone... Thanks Baka! Highly recommend Baka.

Excellent Customer Service at Baka

Publié le Jan 13, 2021 par
Very impressed with your customer service dept and John (Manager). Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Baka.

iphone 11

Publié le Jan 11, 2021 par
Quick to arrive. Easy to transfer android to iphone Apps & contacts.

Great service!

Publié le Dec 31, 2020 par
The iPhone 11 is my 8th phone. It is fantastic! I have dealt with Baka Mobile for a number of years now and they are extremely helpful and efficient. I recommend their service to anyone.

Beautiful colour,Quick Delivery

Publié le Dec 7, 2020 par
The colour is really nice and it arrived very quickly!

Love it

Publié le Dec 1, 2020 par
Works great, love the bigger screen.

Great Iphone 11- Excellent Service

Publié le Nov 30, 2020 par
upgraded to the Iphone 11. The phone arrived quickly in 2 days and set up was great. Customer service was prompt to answer my questions.

Upgrading to iPhone 11

Publié le Nov 27, 2020 par
This phone does everything I need it to do. Photos are great and the size is perfect.

Customer Service at its finest!

Publié le Nov 26, 2020 par
I contacted Baka to upgrade my 6S iPhone. Daniel was very helpful in choosing my new 11 iPhone. I received my new phone, case and screen protector within 3 business days. When I received it, I called Daniel and he walked me thru the easy set up and upgrade! His customer service was exceptional and I am very pleased with my new phone. I will highly recommend Baka to friends and family!


Publié le Nov 19, 2020 par
I’m very happy with my iPhone 11. No issues. Delivery was quick

Unboxing Android to iPhone

Publié le Nov 19, 2020 par
Baka online is easy iPhone 11 is also good BUT if you’re an Android user like me and switching for the first time beware these batch of iPhone no longer comes with USB‑A to Lightning cables, power adapters, and headphones. You are on your own until you get those they’re not cheap, your current accessories will not work! Not a good decision from Apple to entice new user to their “Apple ecosystem” IMHO. Choose wisely. 🤔

Upgrade to Iphone 11

Publié le Nov 13, 2020 par
Been with Baka for year know and always had great service and fast and easy purchase. Love the new phone. Thanks

iPhone 11

Publié le Nov 12, 2020 par
Another great phone with some really cool features. Happy I stayed with an apple product again.

Great Phone

Publié le Nov 7, 2020 par
Great service from Baka and phone is certainly an upgrade from my iPhone 6. The phone did not come with the charging block/headphones though and I was only informed after placing the order that due to the package does not come with all the accessories. A bit disappointing they didn't let me know prior to ordering the phone.

Very happy!

Publié le Nov 3, 2020 par
Great service and great phone!

Great Service, Great Phone

Publié le Nov 3, 2020 par
I’ve always found Baka service to be excellent. Shipped super quick with no issues whatsoever. The phone is great as well. Upgraded from an iPhone 8. The lack of a home button took a little while to get used to and Face ID can be frustrating with a mask on, but it works really well without. I found that I preferred Apple Pay with a home button, but I’m really just nitpicking.

Older generation

Publié le Nov 3, 2020 par
I ordered 4 phones for my family and was told by the rep at Baka I would be getting the most updated packaging with my phones which meant the new phone cable, but no charging box to go in the wall. That was the case for 3 of the phones, but the red was the old package, so it came with the old cable and box. They informed me it was Apple’s mistake, but still sucks that one of the phones we will now have to upgrade the cable for. I guess my complaint is to Apple, but Baka is the one that provided me the product.

Great phone

Publié le Nov 2, 2020 par
Easy to use. Larger screen a bonus but not too bulky. Faster than my iphone6. Arrived in 2 days. Great service from Baka once again.

Great Service

Publié le Oct 30, 2020 par
BAKA Service was great. Have called several times to check prices and always prompt and helpful. New phone arrived 1 day after ordering. Very happy with this.

New iphone 11

Publié le Oct 28, 2020 par
I like the phone, but find the slide access slow to work, and hard to find the icon or program that I want. With no instructions, I have not even begun to try the cameras.

Great phone!!

Publié le Oct 26, 2020 par
Enjoying I phone 11 very much. A great upgrade for me. No complaints.

iPhone 11 purple

Publié le Oct 21, 2020 par
The phone is a great upgrade from my old SE. Holds a great charge and lots of great features. The purple colour is lovely. Delivered within 2 days!

Very nice

Publié le Oct 13, 2020 par
Wow what a nice upgrade. Not a lot bigger but the perfect size for my needs. Love the picture taking ability. Thanks so much for your help.

Love it

Publié le Oct 5, 2020 par
Love my new iPhone 11. Baka is great to deal with I have bought at least 8 phones and have never had a problem. Definitely recommend.

Great phone!

Publié le Oct 2, 2020 par
It takes a bit of getting used to not having a Home Screen button and having to use Face ID instead but I am really enjoying the extra screen space. Phone is working great so far. Battery lasts a long time. A few learning curves come with the phone because the last one I had was iPhone 8, but it hasn’t been too bad. All around, I’m satisfied.

Fast Delivery and Super Customer Service

Publié le Oct 1, 2020 par
Baka assisted us in our upgraded iPhone 7 to the 11. Nice larger screen, better pictures and a few added features. Super fast next day delivery at no additional cost and superior customer service. Very pleased with our decision to purchase through Baka Communications.

Great phone!

Publié le Sep 24, 2020 par
Totally impressed! Easy to use, extremely intuitive. Exactly what I was looking for


Publié le Sep 23, 2020 par
Professional service from the Baka rep, phone shipped in two days, easy port over from another provider, great experience all around.

Great Phone!

Publié le Sep 10, 2020 par
Arrived within 24 hours of purchase from Toronto to Sudbury. Great price and service as always.


Publié le Sep 6, 2020 par
Seems great and quick delivery

Iphone 11

Publié le Sep 5, 2020 par
Fabulous phone!! Arrived in two days, service and assistance has been excellent!

Great Phone

Publié le Sep 3, 2020 par
The iPhone 11 is a great improvement from my previous iPhone model. Great service from Baka as well.


Publié le Sep 3, 2020 par
Quick and easy transaction. The sales representative made me aware of all promotions available. Thanks for a great purchase.

iphone 11

Publié le Sep 1, 2020 par
Timely delivery of the device. Professional assistance with account set-up and migration. Very pleased with my experience as a new Baka customer and I am enjoying the phone!

Love it

Publié le Aug 31, 2020 par
Love the phone, tried to get the purple one but they where out of stock so got the red and love the size the easy use thanks for the fast delivery thank you

Seamless experience

Publié le Aug 25, 2020 par
Upgraded my old Samsung to a new iPhone 11 and the entire experience was seamless. Well done Baka!

Great purchase

Publié le Jul 31, 2020 par
Love the phone so far! Above all, the camera is incredible. The colour options are a really nice change—the purple is beautiful!

Great Phone- Great Service!

Publié le Jul 10, 2020 par
I've been with Baka for years and the customer service is always fantastic. The choice of phones is extensive and there are some great plans to choose from. I definitely recommend Baka to anyone looking for a cell phone plan.

The phone is great!

Publié le Mar 23, 2020 par

iPhone 11

Publié le Jan 22, 2020 par
I purchased the 11 as an upgrade from my 8+ I love the colour and size, i got used to the face recognition quickly and prefer it to the finger print. Getting used to no home button.

Awesome Phone!

Publié le Dec 8, 2019 par

iphone 11

Publié le Dec 2, 2019 par
It was easy to purchase through Baka. Your rep was willing to give good advice and shared his thoughts about my purchase.

Great service

Publié le Oct 28, 2019 par
Thanks for the help and the quick delivery


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