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Real Time Asset Tracking

Save Your Business Thousands By:
  • Optimizing your mobile workers
  • Recurring revenue streams with limitless earning potential
  • Bridging the gap between back office and field employees
  • Theft prevention and recovery
  • Increasing employee safety and efficiency

Fleet Freedom has many flexible options for any business in any vertical markets. If you have mobile employees, vehicles and assets, Fleet Freedom is for you. Fleet Freedom provides a fully integrated solution combining traditional AVL, Mobile device and Asset location based services with Fleet Management, Dispatch and Mobile Resource Management into one easy to use web-based platform. There are many flexible options for managing your mobile fleet and dispatch from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Mobile employees in the field can use a Smartphone, tablet or the Magellan Roadmate to receive dispatches and navigation.

Dispatch, Fleet and Mobile Resource Management

Fleet Freedom's fleet management services combine automated vehicle location with dispatch, driver ID, vehicle management and maintenance. Use the web portal to see current vehicle location, driver status and tasks assigned or completed. Fleet Managers and Dispatchers can communicate with mobile employees and efficiently manage daily operations.

Businesses can use a traditional GPS black box to track vehicle locations or a mobile phone to see employee locations. For best results, use them together to see what vehicle an employee is driving, enable dispatch services, and a punch clock. This provides the employees with the necessary tools they need to perform their job functions consistently and reliably. Dispatchers and Fleet Managers have the ability to easily complete their daily tasks with visibility to mobile resource locations and status.

Employees use the Fleet Freedom mobile application to help manage their daily tasks. With the punch clock feature, select what vehicle or piece of equipment you are driving and automatically receive all your locations and tasks for the day. Fleet Freedom provides full GPS voice guided turn-by-turn navigation to all your stops to ensure you are always on time. Fleet Freedom's mobile navigation feature fully integrates with Google Navigation to provide traffic avoidance assistance and multiple route choices for the quickest way to your next stop.

Maintenance Schedule

Asset Location Services

Fleet Freedom employs a variety of flexible asset tracking devices and technologies. Businesses find and manage their valuable mobile assets and use this application for theft prevention, theft recovery, inventory management and productivity. Valuable assets with no power source use Fleet Freedom's multi-year GPS devices that are water and weather proof. For powered assets that sometimes sit for long periods of time, Fleet Freedom provides fully featured water proof devices that have rechargeable batteries and power connections.

Fleet Freedom Key Features

  • Driver ID – using a mobile phone or Magellan Roadmate
  • Fleet Inventory – For effective fleet management
  • Dispatch – Navigation, dispatch, driver ID
  • Location – Vehicle, employee, asset
  • Places – Geo-fences & pushpins with Google Street View
  • Custom Behaviours – For vehicles, assets & mobile devices
  • Administration – Employee & fleet management portal
  • Labels – Display & organization tool
  • Employee Management - Punch clock & payroll reporting
  • Custom Images – Vehicles, assets & people
  • Mobile Applications – Android & iOS support
  • Trucking Routes – Based on weight, height, width & hazmat
  • Mobile Site – Dispatch & manage resources from your phone

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