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Why Baka is the
wireless business.

Baka's customer service sets us apart from the competition, allowing your business to boost productivity while saving time and money.



Our 27+ years of industry knowledge allow us to provide the perfect solution for you business requirements.

Hardware & Technology Consultation:

Continued investment in our corporate team via extensive customer service and product training guarantees that they are well versed with the most up-to-date devices and overall business solutions to meet customer diverse requirements and technology standards.

Established Service Level Objectives:

Identifying all critical policies and procedures that our clients require which are then fully implemented on our state of the art e- commerce website and intranet. Hardware Pilot Program: Testing period for new hardware allowing clients to invest with confidence.

Rapid Service


Our fulfillment team can process hundreds of orders a day. Our proficient and accurate process will allow you and your users to get what you need when you need it.

Order Process:

All orders placed online, email or via phone are processed and shipped for next business day delivery within Canada. Same Day shipping options and pick up from one our retail locations is available for your convenience, making transition time minimal.

Order Tracking:

Baka's own internal process for fulfilling an order from the time of receipt to the time of shipping is completely tracked via Baka's own intranet site, which is tied to the e-commerce site allowing customers to view real time status of any pending orders.

Fill Rate:

Baka maintains sufficient inventory levels and consistently achieves a 97% fill rate.

Account Management

Account Reporting:

Baka can provide a number of useful reports and options to provide you with accurate and relevant data to help you better manage your business assets. Cost Savings: Increase your productivity while reducing costs with our simplified approach to account management. Baka offers FREE bill analysis and customized corporate account pricing for your company. (We save customers on average 20% less than current rate plans and features.)

Service Call Reporting:

Baka utilizes a phone queue system, which allows calls to be monitored and directed to the appropriate support team to ensure accuracy in answers provided. All calls are tracked to provide service call turnaround time, types of problems, end user history etc. Our website offers an online/email "Interactive Order Discussion" allowing users the ability to keep in touch with the Baka Corporate Client Team. These discussions are recorded and tracked per order.


Baka can provide various training modules as required for your company's support staff and employees. Baka can go on site and provide hands-on training and group web training seminars. Depending on the depth of training required, the length of the training varies. We can customize training suited to the requirements of your company. Baka also has the ability to record in-house videos that can be hosted on our website and can only be viewed by your company. We can customize videos on various topics such as "How To" and other appropriate information.

Hassle Free Service

One Point Contact:

Baka's dedicated Account Executive will ensure consistent level of service. Your organization will receive product and features that best optimize your company's needs while working with you in maintaining a long-term wireless strategy supporting all your wireless and data application requirements. Dedicated Corporate Client Support Team: At Baka, we pride ourselves in having an inside support team like no other in our industry. The team is comprised of highly trained staff that successfully manages and supports corporate accounts and their purchasers, administrators and end users.

In-house Service Department:

Baka's knowledgeable technical staff has over 20 years of cumulative experience working with all makes and models of devices. Throughout the years, our technicians have created business relationships with all manufacturers which have enhanced service contacts and allow us to offer our clients quick accurate and efficient service repairs.

E-Commerce Website Portal:

Baka's e-commerce platform is fully developed and managed by our in-house web team. The best in class e-commerce solution with the power and flexibility to meet business to business and business to consumer needs. The system allows full customization so you can easily access products, accessories, services, features and discounts per account, handling over one million price combinations. Baka's system is efficient and user friendly allowing orders to be placed and processed within minutes.

Contact Our Team

Let's Talk:

Please let us know what products and services you want to discuss, and one of our account managers will we'll get back to you shortly.