Push-to-Talk (PTT) is a quick and efficient communication tool that has the ability to instantly connect teams via their mobile devices, from anywhere at any time. Similar to a walkie-talkie, it simply takes the push of a button to immediately connect with one or multiple team members. PTT is the perfect technology for companies that require employees to stay in touch from different locations! Not only does it enhance the productivity of the overall business, but it also improves the efficiency in which team members communicate. PTT also offers:

  1. Instant Communication

    Communication within the field incredibly important. Team members need to be connected at all times, whether they're at a remote work site or in the office. With a single push of a button, PTT users can communicate with other team members , eliminating the need for back and forth calling and sending emails. Not only does this save time and lead to increased productivity, but it also enhances safety efforts, providing team members the ability to immediately report and respond to workplace hazards in real time.

  2. Financial Sense

    The ruggedized devices that offer PTT are made to withstand dust, dirt, water and extreme temperatures. With this in mind, the frequency in which these devices need to be replaced isn't nearly as often as others, therefore cutting down on device costs. Investing in a PTT enabled device also eliminates the need for multiple devices, as users can not only communicate instantly, but also make normal calls, send and receive emails, browse the internet, and take photos, all from one device. PTT is cost effective at the billing level as well, as the time per call is drastically reduced. It takes about 20 seconds to complete a typical voice call versus less than one second with a PTT call.

  3. Group Communication

    Thanks to PTT, group communication has never been easier. Perfect for both office-to-field and field-to-field management, PTT allows for users to speak with up to 249 users at one time, as well as update contacts and groups in real time. Calling groups can be created to communicate with certain team members about select topics, which makes it much easier to remain organized and coordinate logistics such as schedule shifts, or overtime hours with specific team members.

  4. Multiple Device Options

    Field workers and office staff have different requirements when it comes to their devices, so it only makes sense that the PTT-enabled handset lineup is constantly evolving and expanding to meet your business needs. It is common for field workers to need a device that can withstand extreme weather conditions, while office staff need a device that offers them quick access to corporate email, apps and other business data. Ranging from ultra-rugged devices to smartphones and superphones, there's a PTT-enabled device for everyone.

  5. Corporate Administrator Tool (CAT)

    CAT is a robust tool that allows administrators to create and edit PTT group calling lists, set company policies and procedures, and push updates directly to devices over the air. This saves time and ensures that workers in the field have the most vital and up-to-date business operations information.

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