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About Baka

Mission Statement

At Baka we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to all of our clients, at all levels of our business. We have made a strong commitment to uphold this level of service with honor and integrity so that we can continually provide our clients with the greatest choice of quality products at competitive prices. We will consistently strive to be at the forefront of the industry so that we can maintain our level of technical knowledge to allow the personal freedom and productivity that our clients have come to expect from the products and services we provide. In our ever-evolving world we must remember that our products and services were created to add convenience not complication to our lives.

Baka - Wireless Simplified

About us

Baka Communications, Inc. is one of the largest and longest standing independent Bell Mobility dealers in Canada, and prides itself on being a constant innovator within the wireless industry. Baka delivers wireless communications and seamless business solutions to consumer, business, and government and wholesale customers across Canada maintaining a high level of service. Over the years, Baka has connected hundreds of thousands of Canadians to the wireless network and sold over one million devices across the country.

Our energy efficient head office is visible to thousands of vehicles that pass by on a daily basis. Combining our administrative, sales and warehouse operations under one roof has significantly increased efficiency and further enhanced our excellence in customer service.

Since its inception, the Baka brand has become synonymous with innovation and leadership. As a result, we have been the grateful recipient of numerous customer service excellence and industry recognition awards.

After a century of existence, communications today finds itself at the beginning of a new revolution as broadband and wireless technologies radically transform the industry. The shift from analog to digital technology as well as wired to wireless platforms will shape the future and change the way people communicate. Baka’s ongoing dedication to understanding this movement will ensure continued delivery of solutions of high-speed mobile connectivity required for your business needs.

Our Workplace

From the top down, Baka’s business principles are governed by the highest ethical standards. The basis for a strong and successful company is a vibrant and energetic workplace. We strive to make our workplace a unique environment by encouraging life-long learning and fostering a sense of corporate pride. As such, Baka has been a regional finalist in Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for three consecutive years.

With over seventy employees, Baka values knowledge and is committed to ongoing training and development initiatives. Keeping our staff at the forefront of technical knowledge ensures that our clients will have access to the best available choice in products and services in the ever-evolving communications industry.

Our professional relationships are governed by the same standards in which we conduct our business. We seek quality products and services through mutually beneficial and ethical relationships with suppliers who act responsibly, respect the environment and demonstrate integrity in the marketplace.

Notable Achievements

In the highly competitive communications industry, the Baka brand has become synonymous with innovation and leadership. Baka was the first:

  • To have a AAA mall retail location solely for selling wireless
  • To have a store in store concept in both Loblaw’s and Walmart
  • To use television as a customer acquisition tool for wireless goods and services
  • To offer a B2B online ordering portal
  • To gain exclusivity on environmentally friendly wireless accessories
  • To have a wireline/wireless store in North America in a mall location
  • To be innovators in cellular portability as Baka designed and produced the first locally assembled transportable cellular telephone in 1986
  • To be innovators in wireless data as Baka has distributed PDA devices since the 1980s and later enabled them to work wirelessly
  • To provide wireless data solutions such as wireless faxing, location temperature monitoring, etc. in the early 1990s