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Recycle your mobile phone.

The Baka Recycling program offers free and environmentally friendly disposal of your mobile phone.

Phone recycling instructions:

  1. Before phones can be accepted for recycling, they must be deactivated or upgraded.
  2. Erase all personal/sensitive information from your phone including all pictures and videos.
  3. Remove all memory cards and/or SIM cards.
  4. Remove all passwords & User lock codes from the phone or set them to 0000.
  5. Completely discharge your mobile phone's battery.
Baka Recycles

Phones cannot be reclaimed after they have been sent in for recycling. This is a free service as a result no tax receipts will be issued for the recycled materials.

For more information on how to erase your personal information or details on your phone, select your device from the drop down list below.

If you are unable to find your device or need assistance call 1-800-268-1711 OPTION 2 or use the contact us form.

$2 for every phone recycled will go to one of the following charities:

World Vision, Covenant House, The Kidney Foundation of Canada