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  • BYOD Unlimited Talk and Text 35 - NW

  • This "Bring You Own Device" Plan does not provide discounts on new device purchases. Unlimited Canada to Canada Calling and Unlimited Canadian (within Canada) Text, Picture, and Video Messaging are key inclusions for this "Talk and Text" plan. Tiered charges apply for any mobile data usage (e.g.: browsing, application usage, etc.). Regularly priced at $35, this plan receives a $10/month discount for up to 24 months . To qualify, customers must activate a new line on a plan that is eligible for this offer. The system will automatically remove any discounts if the account becomes ineligible. Additional Terms and conditions apply.

    *This plan is only available for new subscribers*

  • Starting At $25.00
  • Included Minutes Unlimited Canada Calling
  • Included Domestic Data 0 GB
  • Additional Rates

  • Unlimited Canada Calling
  • Long Distance CAN to US $0.75 per minute
  • 0 GB
  • Extra Local Data rates vary
  • US Data rates vary
  • International Data rates vary
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  • Fees

  • Choice Features

* Billable fees of e911, long distance, additional minutes, and applicable taxes will be added to the monthly rate as detailed in the standard features section.