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  • BYOD Unlimited Share Ultimate 150 US/MEX

  • Unlimited Share plans allow customers to share unlimited data between other smartphones and connected devices that are also on Unlimited Share plans. Full Network access is provided at 5G speeds (where applicable) with access to Full HD video resolutions while utilizing cellular data. Data usage beyond your account's total Unlimited Share allotment will continue at 512kbps speeds for the remainder of the billing period. There are no data overage charges.

    This plan is ideal for people who use a lot of data, play online games, stream lots of music and videos, use hotspots for things like online learning, while working from home, or to share data with their family at home or on the go and have a 5G device with 1080p HD video.

  • Starting At $100.00
  • Included Minutes Unlimited Canada to Canada, US & Mexico Calling
  • Included Domestic Data 150 GB
  • Additional Rates

  • Unlimited Canada to Canada, US & Mexico Calling
  • 150 GB
  • Extra Local Data rates vary
  • US Data $0.00 per MB
  • International Data rates vary
  • What's Included +

  • Fees

* Billable fees of e911, long distance, additional minutes, and applicable taxes will be added to the monthly rate as detailed in the standard features section.