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Bell BlackBerry Passport Unboxing

The BlackBerry Passport has a physical keyboard and large 1400x1400 pixel display, which boasts a 4.5" screen. The screen is protected by a strong Corning Gorilla Glass. The physical keyboard allows you to take advantage of the entire screen (rather than using an on-screen keyboard) and it also functions as the cursor and track-pad for the phone (you can slide your fingers across the keys to control the cursor). The back of the device sports the BlackBerry logo and the 13MP camera. It has a stainless steel frame and has a solid feel. It includes a standard wall charger and USB cable. BlackBerry has included a set noise cancelling earphones, and tangle resistant cable. They also have a clip to attach the headphones to your shirt so you can answer calls while you are on the go. The included manual has instructions from inserting the nano-SIM to setting up your personal assistant. The form factor is equal in size to a real passport.