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Apple iPhone 12 128GB (Black)

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Down Payment Amount
Temporarily out of stock (128gb black)
24 monthly payments
Save $393.72*
Over 24 months on SmartPay vs device full price
SRP $945.00
The lowest advertised price includes promotional aspects. Taxes extra. Requires a plan on a 24 month activation with Device Return Option. Additional terms and conditions may also apply. iFull details
You can also trade-in your current device for even more savings. Learn more

Qualifying Info

Requires an eligible 24 month rate plan. *$39.38 per month before discount and Device Return Option.

* The lowest advertised price includes promotional aspects. Taxes extra and are based on device full price after discount, before Device Return Option amount is applied, financed over the 24 month term.

At the end of the 24 month term, pay $204.00 (0% APR) or return your phone in good working condition.
Return Eligibility

Return eligibility

  • The device powers on, charges and navigates properly to the home screen.
  • The keyboard and/or touchscreen is responsive and functions properly.
  • The device is free from apparent physical damage (e.g., bending, cracks, punctures to any part of the device, including the screen, keyboard or the camera lens).
  • There are no missing components (e.g., buttons, keys, SIM/media tray, battery, battery cover).
  • All activation/security locks for the device are turned off and no longer linked to your associated cloud account, such as “iCloud Find my iPhone Activation Lock” (for Apple devices) and “Activation Lock Protection” (for Android devices).
  • Any PIN/password, facial recognition or fingerprint lock has been removed.

If you have Smart/Phone Care and you are not a resident of Manitoba or Saskatchewan, you are eligible to return your device in any physical condition, as long as:

  • All activation/security locks for the device are turned off and no longer linked to your associated cloud account, such as “iCloud Find my iPhone Activation Lock” (for Apple devices) and “Activation Lock Protection” (for Android devices).
  • Any PIN/password, facial recognition or fingerprint lock has been removed.

Qualifying Info

Taxes extra and are based on device full price after discount.

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Box Includes:

  • Device.
  • USB-C to Lightning Cable.
  • Documentation.
*Please note box contents are subject to change without notice at the manufacturers discretion.

OEM Support:

  • 1 year limited warranty covered by Apple.
  • Online support available at Apple Support

Specifications have not been added yet.

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Great costumer service

Published on Sep 12, 2022 by
The person we spoke with was knowledgeable, friendly and helped us find the right phone for our daughter. He was thorough and we received the phone in just a few days. Excellent service! Thank you!

5G SIM card

Published on May 1, 2022 by
You will need to order a 5G SIM card when you order your iPhone 12. Unfortunately, BAKA did not tell me this but I found out when I was watching a YouTube video. I ordered one after my iPhone 12 arrived.

two thumbs up...

Published on Jan 7, 2022 by
was in desperate need for a new phone (upgrade) and my contract with Baka was up. Called Baka, agent was very nice on the phone and we ordered the new phone, he told me everything I needed to know and phone is now hooked up, I got everything all transferred over and am using the new phone and teaching this old dog new tricks. Thanks again

Like my New Phone

Published on Jan 3, 2022 by
I like my new phone, especially the purple colour. It was fairly easy to set up. I do feel a little lost without the home button, but I'm getting used to not having it.

Love my new iPhone!

Published on Jan 2, 2022 by
Love the colour!


Published on Dec 4, 2021 by
The whole process of getting an upgraded phone was very simple. Malisha was a huge help from start to finish.

iPhone 12

Published on Dec 1, 2021 by
Had it for a couple of weeks and really like it with all its features! Great service from Baka!

64 when expected 128

Published on Nov 28, 2021 by
All went well with this ordering procedure, phone conversation, shipping, activation of device. My only complaint is I ask for the bigger 128G model and received the 64G. Looks like I will be billed for the 64G so other than disappointed because I don’t have time to go threw the process of complaining, explaining, and redoing everything I will just settle. Most customers will know the frustration I speak of on doing a return!!

Great Experience

Published on Oct 30, 2021 by
Great phone, great service from Baka... Thanks to the team for being helpful and super quick! Two thumbs up!!

iPhone 12 review

Published on Sep 4, 2021 by
I love my new iPhone 12, the camera is absolutely amazing! Easy to use it’s just perfect! Thanks to Alex sale rep for helping me. Regards, Kristina

iLove this iPhone

Published on May 6, 2021 by
Thanks to Baka for everything. The staff were super helpful and patient. I will definitely order from them again.

Excellent Phone, Program and Service

Published on Mar 9, 2021 by
Selecting the right Iphone and accessories was seamless with the assistance of the Baka staff. Although the Iphone 12 is a big jump from my previous Iphone, I have been thrilled. Love my new phone! Important to know though is the Iphone 12 requires a USB-C charger which is not included with the purchase. I read this in another review which was helpful to know and purchased this with my phone. Thanks, Baka, again!

Best experience with a phone provider

Published on Jan 27, 2021 by
Couldn’t have asked for a more thorough and knowledgeable staff who helped me find the perfect cell phone plan as well as answering all my questions when breaking down the numbers of purchasing the phone vs financing it over 24mths. I was very impressed with the service and I am very happy with my brand new stunning iPhone 12! Thank you BAKA

Great service!!

Published on Jan 23, 2021 by
Staff were customer focused and knowledgeable about product and service. Fast delivery and no issues. Well done!

Worth it!

Published on Dec 28, 2020 by
I was hesitant to upgrade and pay for a phone (rather than choose a $0 option) but it’s definitely worth it. The phone is great, and the service offered by Baka was very good. The phone arrived very quickly. I would recommend both the phone and Baka corporate plans to others. The only thing you need to be aware of is that Apple does not provide a power adapter / charger included in the box and the charging cable has a USB-c port so you’ll need to either use an old charger OR buy a new adapter that fits a USB-c cable.