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Manulife iPad Activation Only

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COAM (Customer Owned And Maintained) device.
Select this product if you would like Baka Mobile to activate an existing device already in your possession, such as older mobile phones, Smartphones (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, WinMo, etc.), Tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.), Aircards, etc.. The device must be from Bell or must be unlocked.

Do not select this product if you are trying to perform one of the following transactions:

ESN / IMEI changes (including “swaps” and changes to devices purchased as Hardware Upgrades).

Change of Service
  • Rate Change,
  • Feature Change,
  • Cancellation,
  • Username Change/Redeployment,
  • Check Upgrade Eligibility,
  • Mobile Number Change,
  • Temporary Suspension.
These transactions can be requested through the “My Account” tab once you have logged into your personal account.

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