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A Greener Tomorrow

Baka Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce completion of its brand new solar carport. As part of this initiative, Baka has converted 60% of their fleet to GM Volt electric vehicles, reinforcing Baka's green commitment. Built at the Baka headquarters in Toronto, Canada, this unique eight-car public access charging station was developed by renewz® sustainable solutions Inc. and combines equipment from Eaton Corporation and Giulio Barbieri S.p.A. of Italy.

The isola solar 20 kilowatt (kW) solar carport project was managed and developed by renewz® and features solar and EV charging solutions from Eaton Corporation. The station includes a combination of Eaton's EV charging stations as well as a unique Eaton solution that enables the complete solar-power distribution system to be integrated into one structure. The modular structure also includes Heliene® Ontario-made solar panels, high-tech LED lighting and security equipment. It is 100-percent waterproof and fully wind, snow and seismic code compliant.

This innovative solar powered EV charging station will generate enough clean, renewable energy to recharge Baka's Volt fleet for 25 years. This will reduce Baka's greenhouse gas emissions by more than 460 tons and permit more than 1.5 million kilometres of clean driving.

Time lapse video of solar panel installation.

In 2013, Baka's next eco-friendly project will see the installation of solar panels on the roof of Baka Headquarters under Ontario's Feed-In Tariff program. This undertaking will generate a combined estimated 100kW of power which will contribute to the grid and benefit the environment and local residents alike.

Baka a greener tomorrow starts today.

"Being a green enthusiast, the use of clean power technology for our own fleet of electric vehicles coincides with Baka's vision. We are very excited and take great pride in being the first company to install an isola solar carport in North America, as well as having the largest array of solar charge stations in Canada. Using our sister company's Fleet Freedom® EV application allows us to take our initiative to the next level. For example, if required, vehicles are automatically routed to the closest vacant charge station." John Marion, President of Baka
"The Chevrolet Volt deploys transformative vehicle technologies that are redefining automotive transportation. Companies like Baka will be able to potentially eliminate gasoline from their employees' daily vehicle usage while having the flexibility to go further, something no other electrified vehicle can provide." Neil Macdonald, Vice-president, GM Canada
"This project addresses one of our era's greatest challenges – delivering power to help business grow, but doing so in a more efficient and sustainable manner. The collaborative solution Baka is implementing will not only help control costs and reduce its carbon footprint, but will serve as a green business model for other companies." Rob Farrell, Director of Marketing, Canadian Operations, Eaton Corporation's Electrical Sector
"Thanks to the vision of John Marion, our first solar carport project is located on one of the busiest highways in North America. Working closely with our equipment and contractor partners, we are pleased to have delivered this project on time and on budget. The technical superiority and robustness of the Barbieri structure substantially reduced the installation time required for such a sizeable project, while Eaton Corp's Canadian team delivered state-of-the-art solar energy and electric vehicle charging equipment with flawless precision." Sass Peress, CEO of renewz®

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